Introduction to iOS Development with Xcode

This 5 day training course provides an introduction to iPhone and iPad application development for delegates with little or no previous experience of Xcode and Objective-C.

The course will introduce the objective-C programming language, explain how to deploy apps to an iPhone or iPad for testing, and finally will explain how to submit an app to Apple’s app store.

Day 1 – Programming for iOS, provisioning devices and basic iOS controls

An Introduction to programming in Objective C
Your first iOS App (simulator)
Target – Action
Common controls in iOS
buttons, labels, switches
action sheets
Device Setup for development
Registering for an Apple Developer account
Setting up development certificates
provisioning an iOS device for development

Day 2 – Multiscreen apps and delegation

Building multi-view apps
The MVC paradigm
Navigating between screens
3 methods for persisting data between views
Adding your app to “settings”
Using delegates
Sending Emails

Day 3  – Layout, advanced iOS controls and persisting data

Building apps for different screen sizes
Dealing with screen rotation
Building apps for iPhone and iPad simultaneously.
Autolayout vs. springs and struts
Screen layout using code.
Picker Views
Table Views
Core Data

Day 4 – Location and Multi-Threading

Location services
Using Location services to get location
Using MapKit
Multitasking in iOS
Grand Central Dispatch
NSOperation (high level introduction)

Day 5 – Networking and deploying apps

Basic http requests in iOS (Apple’s way)
AFNetworking (interacting with a JSON API)
Introducing Swift (replacement for Objective-C)
Deploying Apps for Beta Testing
Overview of the App Store Deployment process

Day 6 (optional) Bluetooth

Interacting with iBeacons
The limitations of iBeacon technology
Connecting to Bluetooth devices using Core Bluetooth.
Demo of 3rd Party barcode display framework?

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