Attach & Find

The Challenge


Back in 2013 Attach and Find asked approached us with an idea to utilise the new Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) standard.

Before that, bluetooth devices were relatively large and power intensive, requiring charging on at least a daily basis.  The challenge was to work with Attach and Find to create a device and app that would allow you to track items from your mobile.

The device, being little bigger than a watch battery would make it possible to easily track everything from your keys to your cat!

The Solution


Coding Fury worked with Attach and Find to research and test a wide range of BLE devices. In the end we worked with Attach and Find to define a specification for the manufacture of a bespoke tag.

The app was completed a few months ago and thoroughly tested with a prototype Attach and Find BLE tag.

While the public awaits an official launch of Attach and Find, I’ve been successfully tracking the location of my daughter’s favourite soft toy rabbit, “Rabbi”, who has an Attach and Find tag sewn inside him. Rabbi can now “sing” when lost, and alerts my mobile when I leave him behind!


App Coming Soon

Technologies Used:


This includes native iOS and Android software development, or mobile web apps.


We specialise in functional web apps and dashboards, but we also provide company websites, like


Many of our clients are traditional electronics companies that seek expertise making their devices connected; other projects start from scratch. Some call this “The Internet of Things”.


Our CEO delivers training in data analysis and dashboard design to companies including PWC and Deloitte. It goes without saying, we’re experts in this field.


Beacons are tiny bluetooth transmitters that cause your smartphone to react when in proximity. From off-the-shelf beacons, to custom beacons programmed to your specification, we can help.


Great apps and websites are intuitive and beautiful. Let Coding Fury guide you from logo and branding through to the final design of your project.

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