The Challenge


Fetch is a new approach to localised delivery, matching users with delivery drivers.

The app aims to allow users to make local requests for items, which a local driver using the app can collect and deliver for a fee.

Coding Fury was tasked with implementing an app and support services to make this process transparent and automatic.

The Solution


The Fetch app allows you to create an order containing your desired items for delivery, which is added to a local list available to delivery drivers using the same app.

You can pay conveniently and securely in the app using your credit/debit card, and the driver uses the Fetch app on their device to make the delivery to your location.

You and the delivery driver are updated on the progress and location of your delivery until it’s successfully completed, and you receive your order!

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Technologies Used:


This includes native iOS and Android software development, or mobile web apps.


We specialise in functional web apps and dashboards, but we also provide company websites, like codingfury.com.


Our CEO delivers training in data analysis and dashboard design to companies including PWC and Deloitte. It goes without saying, we’re experts in this field.

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