Logos by Tweak

The Challenge

The Tweak.com website provides a wide range of online digital print services.

One of their unique selling points is to be able to create a logo for your business via the website.

Coding Fury was asked to duplicate the functionality of the Tweak.com logo builder, in an app.

The Solution

Logos by Tweak allows you to design a logo for your business.

There are tens of thousands of templates to choose from, each of which can then be customised to your specification.

Logos are synchronised between the app and the website so that you can access your designs no matter whether you are in the office or on the move.

Technologies Used:


This includes native iOS and Android software development, or mobile web apps.


We specialise in functional web apps and dashboards, but we also provide company websites, like codingfury.com.


Our CEO delivers training in data analysis and dashboard design to companies including PWC and Deloitte. It goes without saying, we’re experts in this field.


Great apps and websites are intuitive and beautiful. Let Coding Fury guide you from logo and branding through to the final design of your project.

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