You Parked Here

The Challenge


The client wanted to create an app with one very simple purpose: to help users find their car.

Although it may sound daft, when you talk to people it’s surprising how many people have had problems remembering where they parked.

Since doing this app, we now find ourselves looking out for people at the airport desperately trying to find their car, sometimes after dusk, in the rain. If only they had “You Parked Here”.

The Solution


This project kicked off in Summer 2013.  Only 2 months earlier we’d been at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco, when they’d announced a new technology called an iBeacon. An iBeacon is a small, battery powered bluetooth transmitter than can interact with a smartphone based on proximity.

At that time the first iBeacons were only starting to become commercially available, but were ideally suited to this project. You can simply stick a small “You Parked Here” iBeacon on the dash of the car and install the app. Your phone monitors for the iBeacon and saves the location of the vehicle when you begin to walk away.  If you forget where you parked the app provides directions back to your car.

You Parked Here was one of the very first iBeacon apps to hit the App Store, and would become one of many iBeacon apps Coding Fury would go on to develop.

Technologies Used:


This includes native iOS and Android software development, or mobile web apps.


Beacons are tiny bluetooth transmitters that cause your smartphone to react when in proximity. From off-the-shelf beacons, to custom beacons programmed to your specification, we can help.


Great apps and websites are intuitive and beautiful. Let Coding Fury guide you from logo and branding through to the final design of your project.

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